Daphne Telrunya

Full Name: Daphne Telrunya
Race: Wood Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 139
Apparent Age: 17
Drawing wood elf
Class: Druid
Level: 1

Daphne Telrúnya of Mosstone, aged 139 in the calendar of Harptos, is a Wood Elf Druid, brought to live among the Sun Elves in the seventh-fifth year of her life. She came to House Ellenden betrothed to Beleg, eldest son, until he lost his life.

Daphne’s waist-long black hair is as thick as oil in the sun, yet glimmers green in the moonlight, matching her emerald eyes. Her olive skin clashes with these striking features, but give away no secrets of this small elf. She prefers the greens and blues of her house, but often dons the red and gold of her adopted house. No matter the garb, however, she always bears her Telrunya signet ring on right first finger.

Although not concerned with many worldly possessions, Daphne adores her collection of gems from the earth wrapped in gold and silver chains. She will only purchase rough gemstones and loves to watch jewelers carve and shape the stones to her liking, making her a personal treasure.

This inspired her to shape the arrowheads she uses for her longbow in a like manner. She shapes them to a point akin to the battering ram of a trireme, sharper than that of her sewing needle, drawing blood at the slightest graze of skin. In melee, she fights with her scimitar, but prefers to only use the sword as a last resort.

Daphne spends her time meditating in the woods with her badger Grevling. The world never ceases to amaze her; each new place she visits, she spends time observing the natural world around her, recording new plants, animals, and lands in her journal.

She is a devout follower of Mielikki, but has taken on the pantheon of Ellendens.

House Telrunya was strong of seed, and produced only boys for hundreds of years. When Daphne was born, her family knew not what to do with her, but during a visit to town in her 25th year, she befriended a lost badger, which she named Grevling. A passing druid noticed the badger’s immediate taking to her, approached her family, bought her, and took her to learn among the Druids of Mosstone. She lived there for fifty years, learning, meditating, and becoming one with nature.

Daphne was eventually betrothed to Beleg, eldest son of House Ellenden, as an alliance between Wood and Sun Elves in Tethyr. Unfortunately, Daphne never wed, as Beleg’s life was taken before their wedding day. Daphne now travels with the Sun Elves, and is considered one of the family.
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Daphne Telrunya

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