Drek'Thar Aduin



Full Name: Drek’Thar Zoruk Aduin
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Apparent Age: 17

Class: Cleric
Level: 1


The first thing one notices about Drek’Thar Aduin is his imposing figure. Not just his large muscles, created from years of combat training, nor his large height. He stands tall, proud of his warrior stature, or perhaps of his orc lineage. The only time he isn’t seen like this is during battle, where he crouches to avoid blows, and to throw his weight into his attacks easier.

Then you notice the rest of him. As said before, one notices his strong muscles, and tall height. His long, black hair reaches half down to his back, looking less then well kept. Drek’Thar’s eyes are blue in color, inherited from his human father, a hint to his human lineage. From his mouth protrudes two tusks, similar as to how many orcs have tusks, but his tusks are shorter then most orcs, yet another hint to him being a half orc. His jaw juts out a slight bit, only barley noticeable compared to other orcs. Around his neck is his personal holy symbol made of silver. It’s image is that of a dragon coiled around a large sword. While not Drek’That does not appear to be the most beautiful creature around, there is a certain savage handsomeness to his features.

Drek’Thar often wears his masterwork banded mail, making his already imposing figure to be even larger. He wears this armor very often, only discarding it when he knows that battle cannot possibly commence in the location he is residing in. When not wearing it, he often wears his clerical robes, which are colored black and red. In the center of his clerical robes is the orcish symbol for strength. When Drek’Thar must travel but cannot wear his armor, he wears simple explorer cloths. No matter what outfit he wears, he always carrys around his massive masterwork fullblade, which is 18 inches longer then most greatswords! He himself calls it Lutaum Zemar. In orcish, one can roughly translate it to “Heart of Battle”.


Drek’Thar’s mother, Garona Drogmar, is an orc originally born in Lurkwood. She was a fierce warrior of the Drogmar clan, one of the many orc clans living in the dangerous forests of Lurkwood. Her clan was known for raiding nearby towns often, which she herself often participated in. She was born and raised to consider humans to be untrustworthy, as well as “monsters” to orcs and other savage races.


One day, the Drogmar clan decided to attack a town that was farther then usual, that of the hamlet Longsaddle. Unfortunatley for them, they did not know that the town was populated by various wizards who weren’t know for their safe spell casting. As expected, the orcs were beaten back by the town. Garona, refusing to give up, continued to attack despite the shouts to stop here. One wizard, Antondius Aduin, fought Garona in a duel of sorts outside of town. He used what magic he had, and she used her dual axes. The duel ended with them both being knocked unconscious. The villagers of Longsaddle, discussing this, decided to tend to his wounds, and put Garona up for execution the next day.

When Antondius was informed of this, he decided to put a stop of this, asking them to let her go. When the townsfolk refused, he said that he could reform Garona into a calm and peaceful citizen of Longsaddle. It took awhile, but the townsfolk finally decided to agree. After all, the battle between the orcs and the hamlet of Longsaddle wiped out most of the wizards. It would have been a dumb move to disobey one of the few wizards left in the town.

Garona would not say a word to anyone but Antondius. He had proved himself to her in battle, and she respected that, even though he had used magic and not, say, a sword and a shield. In a way, she found it romantic. Of course, Antondius was surprised of this, but she did have a rather natural charm about her that most humans did not possess. It wasn’t long before they married, and then had a son. Said son was named Drek’Thar Aduin, as Antondius promised to let her have the first name she wanted, and he to have his last name. In a way, this helped shape Drek’Thar’s future life.

Growing up as a boy, Drek’Thar was mocked by many of the younger children of Longsaddle. For the longest time, Drek’Thar said nothing of it, and decided to study a lot, much like his father did. One day, however, Garona got a glimpse of the bullying, and she threatened to tear the children’s heads off. Afterwards, she told Drek’Thar to not let this thing happen again. “One must fight bullying with a display of strength, much like my clanmates in Drogmar did” said Garona. For the rest of his life, Drek’Thar took this to heart. Strength comes from martial prowess, like his mother had. But he also had a fond love for his fathers studying, and magic. Antondius even said that, despite being a half orc, that Drek’Thar “Would make a fine wizard”. Of course, both Garona and Antondius would argue what Drek’Thar would be later in life. All they could agree on in the matter was that he was destined for great things, whether through sword and shield or spells and wands.

One day, when Drek’Thar was nine, a group of traveling clerics showed up to Longsaddle. They were a group of traveling clerics, each one worshiping a different god. Most of them worshiped specific gods, but one in particular caught Drek’Thar’s eye. The cleric, Gren Pelenode, was a cleric of war and strength. This intrigued Drek’Thar, at least his battle side. He greatly loved battle, but when he was shown that clerics of war could still cast spells, he became giddy with excitement. It combined scholarly knowledge with the savagery of a barbarian. Drek’Thar asked Gren if he could become an apprentice of his. Gren, who never had the chance to have an apprentice, accepted the offer, and began teaching him the ways of being a cleric of battle.

This also excited Garona and Antondius. A cleric of battle? It combined exactly the type of things that Drek’Thar would love. Magic with martial combat. From that day forth, both of his parents agreed with this training, and funded his apprenticeship with Gren, even though Gren himself said he did not need to be paid. This process lasted all the way till Drek’Thar was 14, when Gren said that Drek’Thar was an official cleric of strength and war. Happy as he could ever be, Drek’Thar told his parents with glee about him now being an offical cleric.

Both of his parents knew about this in advance, so they had bought him a set of banded mail, and a giant fullblade, which Drek’Thar absolutely loved. Contemplating for a few days, he told his parents that he was setting out to adventure, like many heroes of old. While a little bit worried for Drek’Thar’s safety, they had a feeling that he would prosper. So, a few days later, he left the town of Longsaddle to travel to Lurkwood, where he could find work as a mercenary guard for various groups of woodsmen.

Life as a Guard

For Drek’Thar, life as a guard for various woodsmen in Lurkwood was fairly boring. Monsters and bandits rarely attacked, and when they did, there were often so many guards that Drek’Thar barely had a chance to fight more than two people. To make sure that he didn’t go insane, Drek’Thar spent most of his guard time training and working out. Hell, he even chopped wood with some of the cutters just so he never got bored. Not that the woodsmen ever complained. Some orc wants to cut some of their trees for them for free? Sure, go ahead!

There was the occasional comment about Drek’Thar being a “filthy orc” from a few guards, but they quickly learned to be polite with him when they saw his weapon of choice was a full blade, and that he could use it proficiently. It also helped that he picked up one of the armored guards with one hand to show off his strength in a lifting contest between the guards.

One day, everything was the same as usual. The guards were standing watch for any sign of trouble, the woodsmen were chopping down trees and Drek’Thar was reading a book about the history of Lurkwood. Seemed like any old day, through this quickly changed when the guards heard a large roar, and loud footsteps coming towards them, like a really angry T-Rex. When the figure finally came through the trees, however, it was no dinosaur. It was a large giant swinging his club and knocking down trees in his way.

Despite seeming some pretty scary things in Lurkwood, most of the cutters ran, although they were quickly smashed by another giant that came through the opposite side of the camp. The guard captain shouted a retreat, and told everyone to protect the remaining woodsmen. Complying with orders, Drek’Thar attempted to distract the giants by insulting them and attacking them with his sword. Alas, he was not tough enough to withstand the blow of a giants club against his chest, and Drek’Thar was flung into a tree, nearly passing out from the blow. He then stumbled off into the trees, hoping to just live through this experience.

After a few tiring hours of trudging through a forest, Drek’Thar finally made it onto an open road. He sat down and tried to rest. He saw another figure on the road, and yelled for said person to assist him. When the figure finally reached him, he saw the person take out something from his bag, and that was the last thing he saw before he felt something hit his head, and he passed out.

When Drek’Thar finally woke up again, he noticed that he was next to a fire by the road at night. He looked around the camp, and noticed a charming elf eatting some food. The elf introduced himself as Jory Elleden, a traveling bard attending a local bard school. Jory told him that, when he was passing by on the road, he noticed a bandit of some sort looting through Drek’Thars valuables. Jory then forced the bandit to flee using an array of arcane illusion spells to scare him off.

Drek’Thar thanked Jory for his assistance, and told him of what happened earlier today with the giant all the way up to being knocked unconscious by a bandit. Jory was surprised that he survived the giant, even if he failed in protecting the woodsmen. He then asked where Drek’Thar was going to go after this little encounter. When Drek’Thar said he had no idea where to go after this, Jory offered him the chance to travel with him, as he was required to traveled for his bard college. Drek’Thar thought about it, and quickly agreed. After all, Jory did save his life, and this young elf seemed like a fine fellow to travel with.

And so Jory and Drek’Thar traveled on the road for a little less then a year, before Jory was called for some sort of family emergency at home. Since Drek’Thar considered him to be his friend, he decided that he would travel with Jory to see his family, and help in whatever emergency that the Elleden family had.

Drek'Thar Aduin

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