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Capital: Darromar
Government: Feudal Monarchy
Religions: Helm, Ilmater, Siamorphe, Torm, Tyr
Imports: Magic items, mercenaries, spices, weapons
Exports: Ambergris, carpets, cheese, cloth, fish, fruit, livestock, nuts, pearls, pipeweed, rugs, silk, tea, vegetables, wine, whale oil
Alignment: CG, N, LG


Spires of Mir
Forest of Mir
Forest of Tethyr
Omlarandin Mountains
Kuldin Peaks
Rivers of Tethyr
Snowflake Mountains
Starspire Mountains
Nelanther Isles

Principalities / Duchies / Counties

The Crown Lands

Principality of the Corsair’s Sea
Duchy of Cape Velen – Lord Llachior Blackthorn; Royal Durbrand
Duchy Noromath – Duke Foxfire; Lord of the Elmanesse elves, Bowlord of Her Majesty’s Bowmen.
Duchy Durmista – Duke Mirthal Aendryr; Duke of the Suldusk elves, Scoutlord of Her Majesty’s Scouts.

Principality of Ankramir
Duchy Kamlann – Lord Inselm Hhune; Lord Watch Chancellor
The Purple MarchesMarilyn Haresdown; High Ambassador
Duchy Ankaram – Lady Vajra Valmeyjar; Royal Warlord; Regent Royal for Princess Cyriana

Principality of the Iltkazar Highlands
The Golden Marches – Lord Alaric Hembreon; Lord Royal Chancellor.
Duchy of Suretmarsh – Duke Tardeth Llanistaph; Lord Just Chancellor

Nelanther Isles


Darromar – Capital of Tethyr
Mosstone – Small but important town on the Trade Way
Myratma – Large frontier city, main exporter of agriculture to Calimshan
Saradush – Once bureaucratic center of Tethyr, now struggling with agriculture
Riatavin – Important trade city with routes to Amn and the Sea of Fallen Stars
Velen – Port city, concerned with fishing, seafaring, and naval protection
Zazesspur – An ancient city, formal capital of Tethyr



Persons of Note


Daphne Telrunya – Elven Druid
Drek’Thar Aduin – Half-Orc Cleric, Worshiper of War and Strength
Faelon Ellenden – Elven Paladin, Second Son of House Ellenden
Jory Ellenden – Elven Bard, Youngest Scion of House Ellenden
Miniel Ellenden – Elven Beguiler, Eldest Daughter of House Ellenden



Sovereign: (Both members of the Privy Council)
Joint, in charge of all of Tethyr

Queen-Monarch Zaranda Rhindaun, Monarch of Tethyr
King Haedrak III, Monarch’s Consort, Duke-Protector of the Crown Lands, Crown Regent for Princess Sybille, heir to the monarch’s throne.


Dukes: (Also members of the the Queen’s Royal Privy Council)
Listed by Order of Rank

Lady Vajra Valmeyjar; Royal Warlord; Duchess of Ankaram, Regent Royal for Princess Cyriana.
Lord Alaric Hembreon; Duke of the Golden Marches, Lord Royal Chancellor.
Duke Tardeth Llanistaph; Duke of Suretmarch, Lord Just Chancellor
Lord Llachior Blackthorn; Duke of Cape Velen, Lord Royal Durbland.
Lord Inselm Hhune; Duke of Kamlann, Lord Watch Chancellor.
Duchess Marilyn Haresdown; Duchess of the Purple Marches, High Ambassador.
Duke Mirthal Aendryr; Duke of Durmista and the Suldusk elves, Scoutlord of Her Majesty’s Scouts.
Duke Foxfire; Duke of Noromath and the Elmanesse elves, Bowlord of Her Majesty’s Bowmen.

The Five Voices: (Members of the Royal Privy Council, and speakers for the races/faiths)

Lord Lyrminor Vineshigh; Hills. Voice, and Lord-Mayor of Vineshade.
Lord Rauthomyr; Treespeaker of Wealdath and all of the forest’s elves.
Lord Vorn Ghalmrin; Shield Brother, second son of Arduke Obar Ghalmrin and heir to Clan Ghalmrin.
Lady Simonne Whitebrow; Samnilith, priestess of Gond and City Councilor of Zazesspur.
Arkaneus Silvermane; Archdruid of Mosstone.

Frequent Councilors of Queen Zaranda:

Lord Vander Stillhawk; Monarch’s Champion; Regent Royal for Prince Coram.
Lady Perendra Raslemtar; Countess of Elemetar, Court Vizera.
Lord Gamalon Idogyr; Count of Spellshire; Court Sage.
Lord Dancon Riiklass; Count of Varyth; Duties Chancellor.
Lord Malcor Grannox; Count of Ithmonn, Law Chancellor.
Lady Harlaa Assumbar; Queen’s Minister, High Lady Scion of Siamorphe.
Lord [[Vartan Thrynnar;]] Count of Alonmarch, Lord Historian.


Ancient History

Recent History

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