Miniel Ellenden




Full Name: Miniel Ellenden
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 153
Apparent Age: 23

Class: Beguiler


Miniel likes to be in control of social situations. She masks her extreme micro managing and multi tasking with charm and poise. Her calm, gracious exterior does not allude to the ambitious, unforgiving social climber within. She does not like when things don’t go her way, and will remember being crossed.

Her privileged upbringing has made her extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, and well mannered. The opposite side of that coin, however, resulted in an elitist attitude, vanity, and propensity to hold a grudge.

Miniel cares firstly for herself, and her family comes in at a very close second. She is committed to keeping and advancing the family’s social position. She is fiercely protective of her siblings and parents, and values customs and traditions.


Miniel is the oldest child of the noble house. She has been bred to assume duties of ensuring the household affairs run smoothly (sometimes this is done alone, if the patriarch is away hunting, trading, practicing foreign diplomacy, etc). She has been trained to oversee first and foremost her family (mainly siblings), guests that always seem to appear, house staff, and manners of state (the commoners over which the family rules).

In order to accomplish this, she has been through advanced practice and study of: politics, diplomacy, history, nobility, geography, knows several languages, proper courtly manners, economics, and foreign cultures.

She will be a beguiler (though nothing like Avery) who focuses on being socially influencial- lots of charm person, diplomacy, slight of hand, etc. I want her to be an expert at diffusing conflict and securing social status.

She is passionate about horseback riding, and does sincerely care for her family and the commoners her family oversees. However, she is not altruistic. Power is a large component of her ambition. In being bred to lead, she was also brought up with the mindset that she is fit to lead based on supremacy over others.

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Miniel Ellenden

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